Your project should never suffer from a lack of professionalism in project management.

If you require support for contract and risk management, procurement and cost planning, or simply for defining and structuring your project, we offer you support and processes well adapted to the complexity of your problem.

If you have a large multidisciplinary project to be run, we will support you with a senior and professional project manager. Our PMI certified project manager has a proven track record and is able to steer project teams through difficult contractual and technical situations to a successful project closure.


As an independent company, SPC offers utilities, developers and investors expert impartial technical due diligence (TDD) and pre-feasibility studies for power plants.

The development of a power plant project requires careful consideration of multiple aspects which can impact the project. We provide expertise in hydrology, topography, technical plant design, grid connection, capital and operational expenditures (CAPEX and OPEX), financial and economical aspects and risk analysis for a fast and efficient execution.

We also work with a network of international specialists for geology, seismic safety and environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA), and are supported by local partners for political, legal and tax aspects.


As a plant operator you have to take into consideration multiple and often contradictory requirements. 

On one hand you must run your asset in a way which ensures the safety of people and equipment whilst providing a high level of technical performance and availability.

On the other hand you are responsible for planning and executing maintenance works and for the potentially high costs incurred by these activities.

In order to achieve an optimum result we offer the methodology and tools to develop beyond a conventional time- or condition-based maintenance program to a risk-based maintenance planning (RMP). This method is based on a failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) and evaluates each of your maintenance orders with its impact on the availability of the associated system. Your maintenance team is brought into the process and encouraged to evaluate the efficiency of each work task. The result is a maintenance planning process which transparently exposes operational risks and their potential effects on the technical and economical performance of your plant.

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